Air conveyors and mass-air conveyors

Air conveyors serve ideally as beverage can conveyors and in other food container production systems. Products can be moved easily and efficiently using low-pressure, compressed air. Air conveyors by Sager can be manufactured in a variety of widths to meet every customers’ specific needs. Allowing for high-speed conveyance of tight and loose product packs, air conveyors offer minimal risk of product damage caused by collision, friction, and dragging.

Sager’s mass-air conveyors transport a mass of products gently, using low-pressure air. Suitable for filling and manufacturing applications in the food and beverage industries, our conveyance systems meet the required line speeds and ensure minimal product damage. Providing the necessary container velocity and control, Sager’s mass-air conveyors exercise precise control of plenum air pressure and can be integrated seamlessly with vertical single-filers, waterfall single-filers, and on-floor combiners to transition the product flow from mass to single-file configuration.

Air conveyor features

  • Modular aluminum or stainless steel construction
  • Incremental widths available to meet various design speeds
  • Minimal moving parts to reduce maintenance and downtime
  • Damper and gauge system provided for maximum control capability
  • Sager-designed air decks for maximum product control
  • High efficiency drive system including New York or American Fan blowers
  • Dust covers available for sanitary and filling applications
  • Vertical “combiner” type or “waterfall” single-fillers for mass-to-single file applications

Mass-air conveyor features

  • Modular aluminum or stainless steel plenum with stainless steel air deck
  • Incremental widths available to meet line speed and accumulation requirements
  • Fixed, manually, or pneumatically adjustable top covers to accommodate single or multiple product sizes
  • Sager-designed air louvers and decks tailored to the product and application
  • Damper and gauge system for maximum pressure control and efficiency
  • High-efficiency blower and filter system
  • Vertical or waterfall single-filers and on-floor combiners for mass-to-single file applications

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