Welcome to the New Website of Sager Metal Strip!

If you’ve visited our website before, we’re certain that you’ve noticed that it has received a facelift! Aiming to create a more representative experience, we’ve completely reworked our site. We’ve changed the colors, the layout, the navigation, and the content. Best of all, we’ve made the entire site mobile responsive, allowing customers on all devices to reach the information that they need, when they need it.

The biggest change to the site – the navigational structure – was made to help our customers quickly access the pages, documents, and information that they’re looking for. With this new structure, you can reach every area of our site from every other area. The menu makes moving around the site a breeze and, most importantly, it allows mobile users to view the site without having to scroll unnecessarily to the left or right.

This second change, mobile responsiveness, was essential. With over half of all Internet searches being performed from mobile devices, it was extremely important for us to capture that audience. No matter where you are – at a job site, at your desk, or at home – we wanted you to be able to access our site. To that end, we’ve thoroughly tested every element to ensure that it resizes, disappears, stretches, or collapses to appear properly on cell phones and tablets.

At Sager Metal Strip, we’ve been providing a range of industries with custom metal fabrication and conveyor systems for over 60 years. Aiming to work closely with every customer, we’re proud that our new website now reflects our commitment to that open dialogue. If you’ve been searching for a company that can provide you with air conveyors, beverage can conveyors, and other custom conveying solutions, be sure to browse our new site!

We are guided by: experience, quality, design, and commitment.

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